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    Bio-Strip is a novel blend of environmentally friendly compounds formulated into a non-toxic, highly effective paint stripper. This unique product contains 15% bio-renewable carbon and its high loading capacity gives it the ability to strip surfaces in one application. It is an excellent alternative to hazardous low flash point materials such as methylene chloride (carcinogenic), NMP, and acetone; which are commonly used for stripping applications.

    • Ideal for removing acrylics, enamels, epoxies, lacquers, latexes, moisture-cured coatings and urethanes from most substrates
    • High flash point
    • High loading capacity makes stripper last longer
    • Low evaporation rate allows for long stripper on substrate dwell times and lower volume use due to fewer reapplications resulting from solvent evaporation before the coating is removed
    • Will not harm aluminum, composites, concrete, metal, steel or wood
    • Contains no carcinogenic or toxic compounds
    • Contains no ozone depleting chemicals, no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and no global warming compounds
    • No SARA reportable components
    • Readily bio-degradable
    • VOC compliant per EPA, AQMD, and CARB regulations
    • Contains no peroxides, methylene chloride, NMP or other dangerous chemicals