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I am happy to unveil our web site with an all new look and a great new catalog area, which will have advanced features. You will now add yourself as a customer, have a login, it will remember you and be able to give you information on all your online purchases. You will be able to make a wish list of items that you can come back another time so you do not have to go find it again to buy it. Many things that you will be able to find and do on the main web site you will also be able to do here from the catalog, like read a product data sheet, SDS, and other related materials. 

We finally have a shipping calculator that hopefully will be able to figure out Fed Ex shipping costs for your order including the hazardous fees. If you feel the calculator has not gotten the shipping right please let us know so we can check and if needed make any needed changes. For a while this will be a work in progress until we get all the bugs out. Please remember every Hazmat item shipped in it's own box will have a $28.50 charge added to the regular shipping amount.

We have a new sample case listing where we have put together the most popular combination of gallon and quart sizes of items packaged together at special savings and to keep any hazardous items at the lowest cost we can for you to try them out. Some hazardous items can ship without the fee when kept under a certain quantity as ORM-D, otherwise restricted materials for domestic use.

I hope you enjoy our new look and please let us know what you think of our new site.

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