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    This Chemical Sprayer Can Be Used For:

    • Deck Cleaning: Apply deck cleaners, deck stains and sealers with ease.
    • Rust and Red Mud Removal: Apply hydrochloric acid based cleaners like our Mud Away.
    • Degreasing: Apply degreasers to heavy equipment, engines and other surfaces.
    • Masonry: Apply cleaners and sealers to concrete, brick, stone, slate, and other masonry surfaces.
    • Detailers: Apply cleaners, deodorizers and other products to cars trucks and boats.
    • Awnings: Apply awning cleaners and sealants on fabric and vinyl awnings.
    • Kitchens: Apply cleaners, sanitizing products, disinfectants in kitchens, refrigerators and bathrooms.
    • Roofs: Apply roof cleaners, Mold And Mildew preventatives. (Not recommended for Heavy Sodium Hypochlorite Mixes)
    • This model can Spray Hydrochloric Acid based cleaning solutions.
    • 10% Sodium Hypochlorite and Hundreds of other alkaline cleaners.
    • Adjustable Gun Controls Flow & Pressure Up To 90 PSI.
    • No Electricity or Heavy 12 volt Car Batteries.
    • Use The 30′ Supply Hose included in the box, or a 2 Liter Bottle for chemical feed.
    • Can shoot a stream up to 30’ high.
    • 2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Included.
    • Super quick charger.
    • Industrial grade Viton seals for long life.
    • Self Priming Pump.

    This newest version contains

    An upgrade that includes the Quick Connect fittings and lithium, longer lasting batteries.


    Chemical Capability

    This product can NOT be used with Sodium Hypochlorite over 10% in strength, or chemicals that contain solvents, non-water based diluent, Soy based, Acetone, Xylene, strong acids, paint removers or similar products.

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