Benefits of BioBarrier

Environmentally Friendly (Biodegradable)

Contains no heavy metals, no arsenate, cyanide, mercury, or other toxic chemical.

Battles a large assortment of bacteria, fungi, and mold, all of which CAN NOT build up a resistance to BioBarrier.

Easy to apply.

Applications of use

Roof shingles (Retards Mold & Algae Staining)

Vinyl or other material siding or awning


Wood Decks

Outdoor furniture

Concrete areas


Garbage cans, dumpsters, and trucks

Transportation vehicles – buses, trains, airplanes, boats, etc

Anywhere moisture might cause mold, bacteria or fungi to grow and prosper

BioBarrier DOES NOT KILL mold, bacteria and fungus!

BioBarrier DISABLES mold, bacteria and fungus by preventing it from growing and reproducing. Therefore it is labeled as a protector and deodorizer. Typical protection 12-18 months but could last years.

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